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Aerospace Custom Forgings

Fountaintown Forge has been a supplier of quality custom forgings to the Aerospace Industry for over 40 years. We have experience in working with many of the special metals required to produce quality Aerospace industry forgings. We produce parts for Helicopters, tanks, off road vehicles, rotors, fighter aircraft and submarines.

All custom Aerospace forgings are designed and manufactured to meet the strict standards for the Aerospace Industry. These materials are used for material strength, corrosion-resistant, and abrasive resistant.

Forging also eliminates internal voids and gas pockets that can weaken metal parts. We have produced these parts using a variety of Aerospace alloys, including, but not limited to, the following:

Aerospace and Bearing Quality Alloys
AMS-5618 440C (VAR)
AMS-5630 440C (VAR)
AMS-6411 4330 (VAR)
AMS-6414 4340 (VAR)
AMS-6415 4340 (AIR)
AMS-6260 9310 (AIR)
AMS-6265 9310 (VAR)
AMS-6274 8620 (AIR)
AMS-6276 8620 (VAR)
AMS-6294 4620 (AIR)
AMS-6304 17-22 (AIR)
AMS-6299 4320 (AIR)
AMS-6308 #53 (VIM VAR)
AMS-6322 8740 (AIR)
AMS-6382 4140 (AIR)
AMS-6417 300M (VAR)
AMS-6427 4330MOD (AIR)
AMS-6440 52100 (AIR)
AMS-6444 52100 (VAR)
AMS-6470 NIT-135 MOD (AIR)
AMS-6471 NIT-135 MOD (VAR)
AMS-6475 NIT N (VAR)
AMS-5618 440C (VAR)
AMS-5630 440C (VAR)

Super Alloys
100 Aermet 188
230T C-276
AM 355 600
601 617
625 706
718 X-750
800 901
Monel 400 Monel K-500
Hastelloy S Hastelloy X
Waspaloy Hayes 25 (L605)
Stainless Steels
Custom 450 & 455

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